Bay Area Outsiders

Connecting people outside.

Caring for the planet.



Bay Area Outsiders is dedicated to three things: 

Connecting people outside.

Spreading knowledge and experience in outdoor athletic pursuits. 

Protecting our natural lands and outdoor spaces.  


Our mission is to create a space where these three things come together. 



Bay Area Outsiders goals are simple. 


Connect new and experienced outdoors people through meetings, activities, mentorships, and volunteer opportunities. 


Provide high-quality, guide-level education and training in rock climbing, mountaineering, biking, paddling, and backpacking. 


Advocate for the preservation, protection, and accessibility of natural lands and outdoor spaces. 


Care for outdoor spaces through volunteer opportunities including clean-ups, re-bolting initiatives, and trail maintenance. 


“The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go.”

john muir || A Calling



Our Mission grew out of frustration. 

We were frustrated with access to information, experience, and knowledge. 

We were frustrated with the consumer approach many people had to the outdoors, ignoring conservation, care, and longevity. 

Most of all, we were frustrated by the elitism in the industry. Where were women and people of color included in the face of the outdoors? 

We decided we wanted to change that, rather than wait for change to come to us.